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Our innovative pScreen™ disposable test is transforming the way a wide variety of medical conditions are monitored and diagnosed on-site, in the patient’s home, doctor's office, and at the patient’s bedside. The pScreen™ provides great opportunities for early treatment and preventative actions – saving lives and resources. We are currently developing tests for numerous applications, please contact us if you are interested in further information.

Heart Failure




HEART FAILURE TEST FOR Primary Care Physicians

improve QUALITY of Care - early Detection for early treatment

Physicians can now diagnose and monitor congestive heart failure patients at their private practices in a matter of minutes, using the incredibly cost-efficient pScreen-BNP™ blood test. Simply scan the pScreen™ device with your smart phone, and your patient's test is quickly uploaded to your patient record system. The time of costly laboratory equipment that locked your practice in for years is gone. You buy, and get reimbursed, for what your practice and patients need. Review your patient’s BNP level from your computer or phone, using AccelDx’s secured HIPAA compliant app that fully protects your patient’s health information and personal information.

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Heart Failure Test For Home Patient Monitoring

Changing Patients Lives - Reducing Hospitalization

More than 5.7 million Americans are affected by heart failure, and nearly 1.1 million are hospitalized every year. Over half of these patients are re-admitted to the hospital within one year. Many of these hospitalizations could be avoided with early detection, frequent monitoring, and preventative treatment. The pScreen-BNP™ disposable blood tests allow heart failure patients to monitor their level of heart distress within the comfort of their own homes. Enabling their physicians to identify problems and remotely take action before physical symptoms develop. The pScreen-BNP™ requires only a droplet of blood to provide dependable measurements of the patient's BNP blood levels within 15 minutes - BNP is the cardiac biomarker best-known for its accuracy and sensitivity in the diagnosis of heart failure. pScreen-BNP™ enables heart failure patients to regain control of their lives, improve quality of life, and reduce hospitalizations.

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