Our goal is simple: make diagnostic tests affordable and accessible for everyone

The ADX Test Card is the first single-use, credit-card sized, battery-free blood testing analyzer to detect and quantify in minutes biomolecules from a drop a few drop of blood, with clinical-lab precision while keeping cost low.

The ADX Test Card

The Easy to Use, Anytime-Anywhere, Blood Diagnostic Tests

a simple credit card sized, disposable Test and with mobile App enable comunication

Your tests made easy, at your finger tips.

As small as a credit card, the pScreen™ allows anyone to perform blood tests - anytime, anywhere. It only requires a tiny amount of sample. In fact two drops of blood are more than enough. 

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diagnostic tests you need, when you need them.

A lot can happen while waiting for medical results to come back from the lab. With the pScreen™ you carry the lab in your pocket. Save Time, Money, and Resources.


The pScreen™ App allows you to store and share your test results, all in one place, with one click. Your results are shared with your physicians to assess your condition remotely.  


The Re-imagination of Blood Diagnostic Testing

For the first time, the pScreen™ makes it possible to easily and conveniently diagnose medical conditions, and monitor illnesses, in the comfort of the home or at the doctor’s office. Critical test results to aid and guide the doctor's decision-making can now be obtained anywhere-anytime when needed, at the patient’s side, instead of away in a laboratory.

The pScreen™ transforms the patient blood testing paradigm, from lab-centered to near-patient, bringing significant advantages in terms of simplicity, time to result, care delivery, and cost over current standard lab-based diagnostics.

The pScreen is a reader-free mobile-enable blood diagnostic platform. In simple term, this means that the entire test fits in a disposable, credit card sized, self-contained chip, without compromising test accuracy. All you need is the pScreen™. When used by self-testing patients, a companion app enables physicians to remotely monitor and review the test result. The patient is never left alone, and the physician is never in the dark.