The ADX Test Card Platform: Blood Testing Made Simple


Our ADX Test Card™ is a novel highly sensitive immunoassay platform. It only requires a few drops of samples (whole blood, plasma, serum) to accurately detects and quantifies your targeted biomarkers within 10-15 minutes. Results comparable to laboratory-based tests. With the ADX Test Card severe and chronic illnesses can be now identified and monitored quickly, efficiently, and at the patient’s side.

Unique Features 

  • No sample preparation

  • Requires only two droplet of bodily fluid

  • No electricity or battery power needed

  • Fully disposable, as compact as a credit card

  • Accurate and sensitive biomarker readings

  • Results are ready in less than 10 minutes

  • Smartphone-enabled

The ADX Test Card™ stands apart from all laboratory and point-of-care tests when it comes to convenience and cost. Everything needed you need to perform the test is inexpensive and disposable. Tests can be performed anywhere: private practices, hospital rooms, clinics, in homes, or out in the field. Patients with chronic illnesses can monitor their condition in the comfort of their own homes.

The ADX Test Card Is All About Saving

Time. Money. ReSourCes.

Simply apply a small drop of body fluid (e.g., finger prick blood) onto the ADX Test Card, then simply wait 10-15 minutes. Your test results will be clearly displayed and easily visible. You may also use the ADX App to record and share the test result.

How the pSCREEN Card Works?

Test result are read directly on the pScreen's test scale - it is as easy as reading a thermometer - or simply scan the pScreen™ card with your smartphone to store and share the results to your healthcare provider. No more lines, no more waiting. Simple. Safely dispose the single use card, and you are done. When needed, use a second individually wrapped pScreen™.

The ADX Test Card’s technology was developed by Drs. A. Gandini and J. Antaki at the Biomedical Engineering Department, at Carnegie Mellon University. The technology was licensed to Accel Diagnostics who have invested millions of dollars and several years to further develop, refine, and perfect it.